2nd September 2018

Some of the frequent questions we get from our customers are “can you put my prescription into a mask I already have” and “I have a really strong prescription, are you sure you can do it?”.

We have done prescriptions up to -28 sphere (yes that is a -28!- For reference, my personal prescription is around a -1.50), which you can see below.

We were really excited to work on that mask for our customer, and we hope it made a difference in their ability to scuba dive. You will notice there is a gap between the ophthalmic lens and the front dive mask lens to which it is bonded. On larger masks, there will always be some gap due to the size of optical lenses, but on this mask the gap is more extreme due to the extreme prescription.

Below you can see some other examples of lenses we have installed for our customers. Most of these masks are smaller, so they have very limited gaps or no gap at all. Our larger masks such as the Scuba Pro Synergy II will have a more noticeable gap.

If you have any questions or concerns about Prescription Dive Masks, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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