1st February 2018

When you receive your mask back from our lab, you will notice the front tempered glass of the mask has not been replaced. We bond high-quality Zeiss glass lenses into your mask with an optically clear chemical bonding agent.
By bonding glass lenses into your mask (or one of our masks if you buy a mask from us), we can precisely match your prescription, unlike drop-in lenses which replace the front glass of some masks and can only approximate your prescription. Additional drop-in lenses cannot correct for astigmatism.
When you place your order with us, we send you a UPS shipping label and instructions for shipping your mask directly to our lab. One of the most important steps described is how to mark your pupil location on the outside of your mask with a sharpie. That step enables us to place the optical center of the prescription lens right where you need it.
Additionally, by bonding the lenses to your mask, we can guarantee our lenses from clouding or de-bonding, for life.