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Our new lab is open! (Important address change)

A prescription dive mask with custom lenses sits on a table in front of a photo of a sea turtle.

See the sea rx opens larger lab in Houston

When I first started See the Sea RX, i was a diver frustrated with the prescription dive mask options available on the market. 

I remember being so scared after installing all our equipment that we would never receive an order. I never expected the tremendous response we have received and the thousands and thousands of divers, swimmers, and snorkelers who have trusted us with seeing clear in the water. 

I am excited to announce our next chapter: we have fully completed our transition to our larger lab with almost double the work space of our home for the last few years. 

Please take note of our new address, which is the best place to visit us, send us your dive mask for prescription lenses (such as bifocals), or shoot us some of your underwater photos to hang up:

See the Sea RX
8700 Long Point Road
Suite 203
Houston, Texas 77055

We have worked to update the address everywhere we can find, but if you find a spot it needs to be updated, please let us know!

A prescription dive mask with custom lenses sits on a table in front of a photo of a sea turtle.
Scubapro D-Mask with custom prescription lenses installed at our new lab space.
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How much is a prescription dive mask?

How much does a prescription dive mask cost?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how much does a prescription dive mask cost. Prescription dive masks can run between $100 to slightly over $500. Factors such as lens type, turnaround time needed, the specific mask selected, and prescription strength can all effect the cost of your mask. As someone who wears prescription glasses (and dive masks) myself, I understand the considerations that go into the cost, and weighing the benefit. I can tell you that nothing beats descending to a gorgeous dive site and seeing everything sharper than I can even on land at times. In this article, I will discuss the different underwater vision products, what they can correct, and what they cost.

Stock lens dive masks $100-200ish

Stock lens masks use PREMADE lenses that work for a range of distance only corrections in the range of -8.00 to +4.00 SPHERICAL only correction. What this means is these masks are available for a relatively low price (in several mask options) in a range of prescriptions; however, these masks do NOT correct for astigmatism or prism, and they are not made in bifocals. If you have a simple (spherical only correction or a correction with very mild astigmatism within the range listed above), the stock lens masks are a great option. For those divers and snorkelers like me that have astigmatism, these masks do not work well. These lenses are available only for the masks we list on the stock lens page such as the scubapro d mask and the m200.


The m200 dive mask which is avilabale with stock lenses

Prescription Swim Goggles: Starting at $245

Prescription swim goggles are a great option for those that do surface swimming. We can correct a wide variety of vision needs including prism for strabismus, bifocals, and very strong corrections (we have done up to a -28!). Extras such as bifocals, tints, and polarized lenses can increase the costs. 
I have some articles on our prescription swim goggles which provide information as well:

Prescription swim goggles with transition lenses.

Prescription Full Face Snorkel Masks: Starting at $185

Some snorkelers really like being able to breath not just through their mouth but through their noses as well, which the prescription full face snorkel masks allow.

Our prescription full face snorkel masks can correct for a wide variety of corrections including options for prism, bifocals, and astigmatism correction. Adding bifocals or choosing the Aria QR+ version will increase costs slightly.

These masks cannot be used for diving (Although we do make prescription lenses for full face diving masks as well). ‘

The insert system allows prescriptions to be easily updated if your prescription changes   

Custom Prescription Dive Masks: Starting at $165

Custom lenses for prescription dive masks are our hallmark product. Our lenses are available in options such as reading lens only at the bottom of the mask, single vision lenses (distance correction only), bifocals for distance and near correction, and the custom prescription lenses can correct for astigmatism (the cylinder correction on your prescription) and double vision or strabismus (corrected with prism).

The costs can vary for the custom prescription lenses and whether you are using your mask or getting a mask from us. We can use any quality dive mask with flat glass lenses. If you are getting a mask from us, our dive masks start at $60.00. Our custom lenses take approximately two business weeks to produce here in our Houston lab, but rush options are available for a fee. Custom bifocals in a high end mask can cost $400.00.

Up close view of a scuba pro d-mask with bifocal lenses
Scubapro D-Mask with custom prescription bifocals

Whether you have a relatively simple prescription or complex, we have a dive mask or swim goggle to ensure you can see clear underwater.

Picture of Josh


Josh is an optical technician and owner of See the Sea RX. He is a PADI instructor and rebreather diver- he has been involved in diving for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a sergeant at the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office, which included time as the instructor for the dive team. Josh also holds a masters degree in data analytics from Texas A&M.

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Prescription Swim Goggles with Transition Lenses

I spend a lot of time writing about and sharing pictures of our prescription dive masks, but we have helped swimmers of all levels across the world swim more comfortably and safely with our prescription swim goggles. Our prescription swim goggles are not the $10-20 premade pairs but customized to your exact prescription which means they can correct for astigmatism, prism (for those with strabismus), extreme prescriptions (we have done up to a +20 lens in a swim goggle!), and they can be made with transition lenses in your prescription.

What are transition lenses?

Why would I want transition lenses in a swim goggle and what are transition lenses?

Transition lenses are a brand name for a photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses change color (darken) when exposed to sunlight (more specifically UV light). While several manufacturers produce photochromic lenses, See the Sea RX uses Transition brand lenses in our prescription swim goggles (when selected). 

 There have been multiple generations of transition lenses and each generation improves on the final darkness, and transition time enabling the lenses to become darker and clearer faster. 

Our prescription swim goggles with or without transition lenses can be ordered by clicking here. 

Why would I want transition lenses in my swim goggle?

All swim goggle lenses from See the Sea RX protect the swimmer from UV rays which can damage the eyes and speed up signs of aging around the eyes. Transition lenses darken in the sun preventing the swimmer from excessive squinting in brighter conditions and helping swimmers with light sensitivity conditions. The largest benefit of prescription swim goggles with transition lenses is the ability to use the same pair of goggles in sunny conditions and indoors in darker lighting as they will darken in the sun and go clear in dark conditions. 

How much are prescription swim goggles with transition lenses?

Custom prescription swim goggles in your exact prescription start at $220.00. The transition option costs $100, bringing the goggle costs to $320 (depending on the specific goggle).

Shark swim goggle from See the Sea RX with custom prescription lenses and transition lenses just placed outside- before they darkened.
The same goggle as above after a short amount of time exposed to the sun.

Can swim goggles with transition lenses handle my prescription?

The new STS Propulsion goggles from See the Sea RX with bifocal transition lenses.

Extreme prescriptions

We often get calls from swimmers who are extremely nearsighted with prescriptions as strong as -28 sphere or with high cylinder powers (strong astigmatism), and the good news is we have yet to encounter a prescription we could not handle. The frogeye swim goggle cannot have transition lenses or accommodate strong prescriptions, but our other two goggles, the shark and the propulsion can handle strong prescriptions. Additionally our swim goggles can correct for double vision and high cylinder powers.

Bifocal lenses

If you need to see your watch while swimming (for split times) or need to use a phone while wearing your goggles and you wear progressives or bifocals on land, we can make prescription swim goggles with transition lenses in bifocals such as the propulsion goggle on the left. In general, if you do not need to use your near vision while swimming, we encourage you to get single vision (distance only) lenses). Progressive lenses can also be made in our swim goggles on special request, but we generally suggest traditional bifocals for those who have this need. 

Anti glare & scratch coatings

An additional option for our prescription swim goggles is an anti scratch and anti reflective coating. These coatings not only warranty your lenses but ar (anti-reflective coatings) are believed to increase the speed at which transition lenses darken or lighten. You can see some videos going over our prescription swim goggles here. Prescription swim goggles can be ordered here.

Picture of Josh


Josh is an optical technician and owner of See the Sea RX. He is a PADI instructor and has been involved in diving for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a sergeant at the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office, which included time as the instructor for the dive team. Josh also holds a masters degree in data analytics from Texas A&M.

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What’s new (with prescription dive masks) in 2021?

A diver under blue water in Cozumel, Mexico is wearing a scuba pro d mask as well as a Hollis Rebreather.

Whats new at See the Sea?

2020 was supposed to be the year (at least of puns) for vision correction. Like a lot of folks, 2020 was full of challenges for me as well as the diving community at large. I was super excited to receive my new Ikelite housing for my Canon 5D MK IV in February last year with plans of all the diving I would do throughout 2020… well we know how that went. I am still getting some use out of my housing, and we are Ikelite dealers if you ever have any questions about getting a camera/underwater camera set up. I have a few trips planned for this year, and I am super excited to post pics and vids from those trips. 

I unfortunately had a bad bout of COVID in the middle of 2020 which included hospitalization. There remain a lot of questions regarding diving post COVID. I am very lucky to be friends with Dr. Robert Sanders, the medical director, and hyperbaric & diving medical specialist, for NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab. Hopefully we can post an interview with Dr. Sanders about recommendations regarding COVID & diving soon.

On the positive side, See the Sea RX continues to grow, and we have continued to help divers around the world see clearly with underwater lenses. I authored an article about prescription dive masks for Diver’s Alert Network which was published in Alert Magazine in May, 2020. You can read the article by clicking on the Alert Diver Cover to the right.

We have also made a few changes to the site, and added a few mask options that I will review below. 

Scuba pro d mask

A diver under blue water in Cozumel, Mexico is wearing a scuba pro d mask as well as a Hollis Rebreather.

We recently added the new Scuba Pro D-Mask as an option for our various prescription lenses last month.

If you want more information on the D Mask, check out my full article on them here.

The D-Mask is available in three different fits, and comes standard with UV coated & tinted lenses. We can install any of our custom prescription lenses including single vision, high index, bifocals, or readers. 

Up close view of a scuba pro d-mask with bifocal lenses

Full face snorkel masks

As an authorized Oceanreef dealer, we sell the highest quality full face snorkeling masks with and without prescription lenses. We added them to our site in late 2019, but since then we have made a few changes. I covered prescription full face snorkeling masks in a blog post here.

You can now order full face snorkeling masks without prescription lenses on our order page:


Custom reading lenses

While most folks will never need a mask like the one on the right (a custom Atomic Venom with dual reading lenses made for rebreather diver and photographer Jill Heinerth), most of us will need some help with seeing our gauges or dive computer as we get older. 

If your gauges are looking a little fuzzy these days, reading lenses can help. If you have any special reading lens needs or want something fully custom like Jill, give us a shout, and we will draw up a draft for your review. 

The benefit of the dual reading lens mask you see here is it allows Jill to see her gauges & rebreather HUD from the bottom of the mask while also using the top of the mask for her camera controls & monitor. 

Other updates & Changes

We have made various other changes to See the Sea RX including adding atomic aquatics diving masks, adding more prescription swim goggle options as well, and working on innovative lenses to help you see better while diving.

As always, if you have any questions about prescription dive mask lenses or any of our products, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Picture of Josh


Josh is an optical technician and owner of See the Sea RX. He is a PADI instructor and has been involved in diving for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a sergeant at the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office, which included time as the instructor for the dive team. Josh also holds a masters degree in data analytics from Texas A&M.

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Prescription Swim Goggles from See the Sea RX

Announcing Prescription Swim Goggles from See the Sea RX!

We started See the Sea RX with the goal of giving our customers the clearest underwater vision possible through our partnership with Zeiss, the leaders in optical with over 150 years of optical experience. Zeiss provides most of our glass for our dive mask lenses. We have shipped dive masks to customers all over the world, including some with sphere powers as high as -28, and we are constantly asked by many of our customers if we can provide prescription swim goggles as well. We are happy to announce our launch of our prescription swim goggle line in January 2019, and they are now available for order!


Ready to order?

Order Prescription Swim Goggles

Want more information? Check out our post below!

Who needs prescription swim goggles?

Do you struggle walking to the pool from the locker room due to vision problems or fear having your glasses stepped on at the edge of the pool because you can’t even find your towel without them? Maybe you have tried the cheap Chinese made goggle options that only correct for sphere powers and only in negative diopters, and suffered serious eye strain, double vision, or just poor vision.

Like our prescription dive masks, we provide quality quality lenses for all prescriptions including those that need prism and astigmatism correction. Our swim goggle lineup utilizes lenses surfaced in your exact prescription- no sacrifices like the cheap premade options.

When training, some swimmers want to be able to view their watch for pace or a phone. As we age, many of us require the use of progressive lenses or bifocals in order to read or see our watches. Up until now, there has not been a satisfactory solution for swimmers who require distance and near correction. We offer all our swim goggles with bifocal options.

Whether you are a competitive triathlete or a recreational swimmer who just wants to be able to have their best vision, we can help you see clear.

What are my rx swim goggle options?

We launched our prescription goggles with three “frames” and various lens options.

Our three frames are the shark, shark kids, and the frog eye goggle- each of which present their own strengths. All the goggles have adjustable bridge pieces, the rubber piece between the eyes, giving you a custom fit, and more importantly, centering the corrective lenses over your pupils.

  • The Shark. The Shark headlines our prescription swim goggle lineup. As with all our prescription swim goggles, the shark has an adjustable nose bridge providing a custom fit. Lenses for the shark can be produced in tints, polarized, and even transition (changing from clear to tinted upon UV exposure).
  • The Shark Kids features all the same specs as the Shark except a slightly smaller frame to fit children and young teens. The Shark Kids goggle also accepts tinted, polarized, and mirrored lenses.
  • The Frogeye goggle provides the clearest vision above and under the water due to its unique dual lens system. The prescription lens sits behind a Plano, “flat”, front lens. Due to the properties of light transmitting through water into air, a flat lens provides the most true image without distortion. Due to the two lens system, the frogeye is NOT available with tinted lenses. Additionally bifocals may be less effective in the frogeye for near reading. Finally, the frogeye’s design prohibits prescriptions with a spherical power greater that +/-5 ish (send us a message if you want to verify your prescription fits in the frogeye). Ultimately, even with these limitations, the frogeye provides the swimmer with the clearest vision available.

Why order from See the Sea RX?

See the Sea RX specializes in underwater optics. We have been shipping prescription dive masks throughout the world, Light does not transit through the water into air the same way as just wearing glasses on land. We understand these challenges better than anyone else. We have heard of vendors using stock lenses, these are premade lenses with base curves (the curve of the front of the lens), which offer manufacturers very high margins, but with even a basic understanding of underwater vision, anyone can see how these lenses only offer highly distorted vision underwater, worsening at the periphery.

In addition to understanding underwater vision, our customers can choose from quality lenses including those manufactured by our partner, Zeiss as an upgrade. We stand by our products, and if you are unhappy with your vision above or under the water, we will remake your lenses.

Finally, we offer advanced coatings specifically for lenses in the Shark Goggle lineup such as mirrored finishes, ant-scratch coatings with scratch warranty, polarized lenses for those that swim in open water, and even transition lenses for swimmers who want a lens that goes from clear to tinted with exposure to UV light.

Whatever your underwater vision needs, See the Sea RX has you covered.

Ready to order swim goggles from See the Sea RX?

Order Prescription Swim Goggles

Ordering is easy- Once you are on the order page, the first step in ordering your prescription swim goggles is to choose your goggle style.


The prescription swim goggle options from See the Sea RX.

PS- Did you know swim goggles were not widely used in competition until relatively recently? Their first appearance at the commonwealth games was not until 1970! Check out this article on Olympian David Wilkie for more information.