21st February 2020

Tinted lenses for color correction and Scuba diving

Seeing unique colors and seascapes we don’t normally encounter is one of the joys of snorkeling and scuba diving. Water, however, can limit some of our perception of color as we descend. Water and light interact differently than how we experience light on land. One of the most noticeable differences is color.

Water absorbs color as you descend, which in turn means, the coral reef becomes less vibrant. The water column absorbs colors in the order of the rainbow. Red is lost first, in as little as 20 feet. 

We receive frequent requests from snorkelers and divers about tinted and color correcting lenses for prescription lenses. 

In this post, and in the video above, I will discuss the advantages (And draw backs) of tinted lens dive masks, options available, and costs. 

Coral Reef in Mexico- Photographed by Josh with a Sony RX100 VI, Ikelite Housing, and DS160 strobe in December 2019.

advantages of color correcting lenses for prescription dive masks

The largest benefit of tinted lenses for underwater use is the color contrast and clarity by shifting the light as it passes through the tinted lenses. The mirrored finish on some of the tinted lenses can also reduce glare at the surface for those who are more sensitive to the sun.

One of the disadvantages, anytime you add a filter, you are reducing, even if slightly, the overall amount of light entering your eye.

I find the color shift to be pleasantly subtle, and after a moment or two of wearing the lenses, I often forget I am wearing a tinted lens dive mask, until I take it off. 

who should (and shouldn't) use tinted lenses while scuba diving?

Jay diving in Cancun, as shot by Josh, with a tinted scuba pro spectra dive mask with prescription single vision lenses.

Bringing back color sounds awesome?! Tinted lenses designed for scuba diving enhance the dive, but they are not for everyone. 

Who they are good for:

– Snorkelers & Divers who want to enjoy more color during a divce.

– Divers and snorkelers who are light sensitive. The tinted lenses often come with a mirror tint which can reduce glare at the surface.

Who should not use tinted lenses:

– Photographers and videographers. Any lens tint reduces the total amount of light that reaches the eye 

how to order a prescription dive mask

Currently,  we offer the M100 color correcting dive mask for divers and snorkelers that want color correcting and glare reducing features of a tinted lens dive mask. To order, simply go to our prescription dive mask order page. The M100 Color Correcting costs $124.00 and is available in all lens types including single vision (distance), bifocals, and reading glass. 

We recently published an article explaining the differences between our bifocal dive mask options. 


Can I order prescription lenses for my own tinted lens mask?

Yes! All our prescription lens options are available for your scuba diving mask even if it has color correcting lenses. Simply go to our prescription scuba mask lens order page, and click “I have a mask”. You can then select from available lens options and send us your mask!