Dive light with metal housing and blue hue
New Accessory- Dive Signal Light
At See the Sea RX, we primarily focus on our custom prescription dive masks but we do have a few
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Prescription Swim Goggles with Transition Lenses
Transition lens swim goggles that go from clear to light allow swimmers to use the same swim goggle in various
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Oceanreef Predator, a full face diving mask from See the Sea RX available with corrective lenses
Prescription Lenses for OTS & Oceanreef Full Face Diving Masks
Why full face diving masks If you need to use communication systems, dive in possibly contaminated water, or just want
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A diver under blue water in Cozumel, Mexico is wearing a scuba pro d mask as well as a Hollis Rebreather.
What’s new (with prescription dive masks) in 2021?
Whats new at See the Sea? 2020 was supposed to be the year (at least of puns) for vision correction.
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Scuba Pro D-Mask with Prescription Lenses
Scuba Pro D-Mask Origins When I first starting teaching Scuba at Dive World Scuba while in College, the Scuba Pro D400 mask
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OTS Spectrum full face diving mask with reading lenses installed
Dive Mask and Prescription Considerations for Underwater Photographers
Prescription dive mask concerns for photographers and cinematographers                One of my personal passions,
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Diving the Cenotes in December
See the sea rx, diving the cenotes One of the joys of being in the diving industry is diving! Unfortunately,
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Single Vision (Distance) Prescription Dive Mask Gallery
Single vision prescription dive mask examples Single vision lens dive masks are used to correct distance vision while scuba diving
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Bifocal Scuba Dive Mask Gallery
Bifocal dive mask lens gallery Recently, I published a post on different bifocal scuba mask options, but I wanted to
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Prescription Dive Mask with Color Correcting Lenses
Tinted lenses for color correction and Scuba diving Seeing unique colors and seascapes we don’t normally encounter is one of
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