23rd March 2021

I spend a lot of time writing about and sharing pictures of our prescription dive masks, but we have helped swimmers of all levels across the world swim more comfortably and safely with our prescription swim goggles. Our prescription swim goggles are not the $10-20 premade pairs but customized to your exact prescription which means they can correct for astigmatism, prism (for those with strabismus), extreme prescriptions (we have done up to a +20 lens in a swim goggle!), and they can be made with transition lenses in your prescription.

What are transition lenses?

Why would I want transition lenses in a swim goggle and what are transition lenses?

Transition lenses are a brand name for a photochromic lenses. Photochromic lenses change color (darken) when exposed to sunlight (more specifically UV light). While several manufacturers produce photochromic lenses, See the Sea RX uses Transition brand lenses in our prescription swim goggles (when selected). 

 There have been multiple generations of transition lenses and each generation improves on the final darkness, and transition time enabling the lenses to become darker and clearer faster. 

Our prescription swim goggles with or without transition lenses can be ordered by clicking here. 

Why would I want transition lenses in my swim goggle?

All swim goggle lenses from See the Sea RX protect the swimmer from UV rays which can damage the eyes and speed up signs of aging around the eyes. Transition lenses darken in the sun preventing the swimmer from excessive squinting in brighter conditions and helping swimmers with light sensitivity conditions. The largest benefit of prescription swim goggles with transition lenses is the ability to use the same pair of goggles in sunny conditions and indoors in darker lighting as they will darken in the sun and go clear in dark conditions. 

How much are prescription swim goggles with transition lenses?

Custom prescription swim goggles in your exact prescription start at $220.00. The transition option costs $100, bringing the goggle costs to $320 (depending on the specific goggle).

Shark swim goggle from See the Sea RX with custom prescription lenses and transition lenses just placed outside- before they darkened.
The same goggle as above after a short amount of time exposed to the sun.

Can swim goggles with transition lenses handle my prescription?

The new STS Propulsion goggles from See the Sea RX with bifocal transition lenses.

Extreme prescriptions

We often get calls from swimmers who are extremely nearsighted with prescriptions as strong as -28 sphere or with high cylinder powers (strong astigmatism), and the good news is we have yet to encounter a prescription we could not handle. The frogeye swim goggle cannot have transition lenses or accommodate strong prescriptions, but our other two goggles, the shark and the propulsion can handle strong prescriptions. Additionally our swim goggles can correct for double vision and high cylinder powers.

Bifocal lenses

If you need to see your watch while swimming (for split times) or need to use a phone while wearing your goggles and you wear progressives or bifocals on land, we can make prescription swim goggles with transition lenses in bifocals such as the propulsion goggle on the left. In general, if you do not need to use your near vision while swimming, we encourage you to get single vision (distance only) lenses). Progressive lenses can also be made in our swim goggles on special request, but we generally suggest traditional bifocals for those who have this need. 

Anti glare & scratch coatings

An additional option for our prescription swim goggles is an anti scratch and anti reflective coating. These coatings not only warranty your lenses but ar (anti-reflective coatings) are believed to increase the speed at which transition lenses darken or lighten. You can see some videos going over our prescription swim goggles here. Prescription swim goggles can be ordered here.



Josh is an optical technician and owner of See the Sea RX. He is a PADI instructor and has been involved in diving for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a sergeant at the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office, which included time as the instructor for the dive team. Josh also holds a masters degree in data analytics from Texas A&M.