20th March 2019

Do you see double without your glasses? It is likely you wear lenses contain prism to help you see clearly. If you are considering scuba diving with prism, you might be wondering if dive masks for prism exist. The short answer is we do manufacture prescription dive masks for prism along with prescription swim goggles. If you are ready to order either of these, click the links below. If you are interested in learning more about prism, check out the rest of our article below:


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What is Prism

Prism correction is a type of lens correction that addresses a patient’s issues with double vision.

 Diplopia, or double vision, is caused when light interacts in a person’s two eyes in different ways. To create an image, light must come through the cornea and land on the back of our eyes, or the retinas. The brain processes light information that lands on both of our retinas to compose images, however, if light lands differently on the retina of each eye the brain has to process two different signals resulting in double vision.

Double vision is caused by a number of things including Eye-muscle problems such as myasthenia gravis, Grave’s disease, or strabismus (crossed or walled eyes), neurological issues like head injuries, strokes, or migraines, and nerve related issues like multiple sclerosis or diabetes mellitus.

Prism Correction Options

Prism Correction fixes this issue by bending the light before it enters the cornea so that it hits both retinas in an identical manner allowing the brain to process two complementary signals and to compose a single image.

Not all cases of double vision can be fixed by prism lenses depending on the cause. Double vision could be a symptom of a serious health condition. If you are experiencing new-onset double vision caused by eye misalignment or another unknown reason, consult a doctor immediately. 

Prism lenses for dive masks or other glasses are prescribed to remedy double vision the same way normal eyeglasses are prescribed. After undergoing tests, a patient’s lenses are measured and prescribed with a numerical unit of measurement called prism diopters. This unit alongside the placement and vertical, horizontal or diagonal alignment of a prism lens determine a patient’s prescription. This is to ensure the correct bend of light necessary to fix the patient’s double vision.

Prism Lens for Dive Mask

Dive Masks with Prism Lenses

Our company manufactures lenses in your exact prescription including prism lenses for our prescription dive masks. Our prescription dive masks make it possible for you to dive with your prism lenses incorporated into your mask so that you can enjoy the wonders of the sea without double vision.

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Swim Goggles with Prism Lenses

Our lab also manufactures lenses specifically for our swim goggle lineup to help swimmers with double vision see. For more information on our prescription swim goggles, click here.

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