10th March 2019

Need a Prescription Dive Mask Fast?

Heading on a last minute trip to Cozumel and can’t find your trusty dive mask with your prescription lenses, or had a change of prescription right before your bucket list trip to Guam? In this post, we will go over your options and costs for obtaining a prescription dive mask fast.

Order a Prescription Dive Mask Rush

Reasons You Might Need a Prescription Dive Mask Fast

There are multiple reasons divers and snorkelers might need a prescription dive mask fast, and we have experience helping divers get a prescription dive mask in as little as 4 days. Reasons divers & snorkelers may need a prescription dive mask fast:

    • Last minute dive trip
    • Broken dive mask
    • Prescription change
  • Want to get certified to dive soon and wear glasses

What Are my Options for Getting A Prescription Scuba Diving Mask Fast?

Our lab’s standard processing time is 8-10 business days (basically two weeks) which does not include shipping time. In our standard prescription dive masks, we offer two different rush processing options:

  • 5 Business Day Rush Processing ($60)
  • 3 Business Day Rush Processing ($100)
Scuba Pro Spectra Prescription Dive Mask Fast

Please note, our rush processing options do not include shipping, so be sure to select the appropriate shipping speed for your circumstances. In true super rush situations, give us a call (or send us a message on the chat box on the lower right portion of this screen- we try and answer 24 hours a day!), as we do have extreme shipping options such as FedEx same day shipping.

If you only have mild astigmatism or no astigmatism at all, as well as sphere powers within a certain range, we do stock some premade lens options for rush situations. 

For snorkelers, we are also launching our full face snorkel packages which include rx lens retainers with polycarbonate lenses we can deliver quickly without rush processing fees.

Whatever your rush prescription dive mask needs, we can help deliver a mask to you quickly. 

Order a Prescription Dive Mask Rush

Need help picking out a prescription dive mask, check out our section on picking a dive mask

– The See the Sea RX Team