1st March 2018

Ever since my mom showed me how she developed film negatives in the laundry room of our house, I have been interested in photography. From that moment, I have been passionate about taking pictures on land and underwater.

About a year ago, I purchased one of my dream cameras – a Hasselblad 500c, a medium format film camera. When choosing the lens for the camera, Hasselblad went with the correct choice of a Carl Zeiss lens. The 80mm Zeiss lens fitted on my 500c still captures beautiful images today. You can see one of the images I took on this camera here on this page. In fact, when NASA had to decide on which camera to send to the moon on the Apollo Missions, they also chose a Hasselblad 500c derivative with a Zeiss lens! Zeiss began manufacturing glass optics in the 1800s and their reputation for quality exists through today. When a customer buys a rifle scope, binoculars, or camera lens made by Zeiss, they know they can expect the highest quality in the field. When I selected the optical lenses to use for our dive masks, I made the same decision as Victor Hasselblad – Zeiss glass. Whilst the optical industry has largely moved away from glass to cheaper polycarbonate lenses, the scratch resistance and optical clarity of glass are unparalleled. This is why you never see a quality microscope, telescope, or binoculars that use polycarbonate lenses.

Image taken in 2017 with Josh’s Hasselblad using the original Zeiss lens

Whether you send us your mask or buy your mask from us, our prescription lenses are almost always Zeiss glass*. Our commitment to quality, whilst still achieving the best price in the industry, starts by using the highest quality materials available. I could increase our bottom line by using a cheaper glass, or polycarbonate lens, but as a fellow diver, I want you to have the best. To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of dive mask lenses using Zeiss glass.

*Due to some glass shortages in high index glass for stronger prescriptions, some of our dive masks may use high quality non-Zeiss glass.


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