Single Lens Dive Mask and Prescription Lenses

Single lens dive masks such as the scuba pro gorilla mask, atomic aquatics venom (& venom frameless) have become increasingly popular with divers due to their increased field of view as well as offering comfort for some divers with more prominent nasal bridges which may be compressed with twin lens

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Reading Lens Options for Scuba Masks

Trouble seeing your gauges? As we age, we lose the elasticity of the lens of our eye, which makes focusing on closer objects more difficult. Presbyopia, as this condition is called, can be frustrating on land, but for us scuba divers, it can make access to critical information on our

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A prescription dive mask with custom lenses sits on a table in front of a photo of a sea turtle.

Our new lab is open! (Important address change)

See the sea rx opens larger lab in Houston When I first started See the Sea RX, i was a diver frustrated with the prescription dive mask options available on the market. I remember being so scared after installing all our equipment that we would never receive an order. I

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How much is a prescription dive mask?

How much does a prescription dive mask cost? One of the most frequent questions we receive is how much does a prescription dive mask cost. Prescription dive masks can run between $100 to slightly over $500. Factors such as lens type, turnaround time needed, the specific mask selected, and prescription

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Prescription dive mask for scuba diving on tank and bcd.

How to Care for your Prescription Scuba Diving Mask

How to care for your prescription dive mask: Ordering a prescription dive mask is a great investment in your diving or snorkeling life, and it can range from a luxury for those with weaker vision correction to an absolute necessity for divers, swimmers, or snorkelers with strong prescriptions. Once you

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Scuba diving mask with light pink frame and higher strength prescription lenses.

Prescription Dive Masks for Strong Prescriptions

You have a super strong prescription and scuba dive- what do you do? One of the biggest rewards for us is when we can help someone with a strong prescription dive when other opticals told them they can’t make a dive mask for their needs. We have produced masks with

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Scuba diving prescription mask from scubapro with two lenses for distance and near correction

Scubapro D Mask with Franklin Bifocals

Scuba pro D-Mask & Franklin Bifocals It is no secret that the scubapro d mask has recently become one of my favorite dive masks for prescription dive mask lenses. I recently wrote a post just detailing the d mask. Below are my reasons for loving the d-mask: 3 sizes available

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Dive light with metal housing and blue hue

New Accessory- Dive Signal Light

At See the Sea RX, we primarily focus on our custom prescription dive masks but we do have a few accessories available for those making their dive mask purchase. We recently added a few new products to the website, including the new scuba pro d-mask, but one accessory I am

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Oceanreef Predator, a full face diving mask from See the Sea RX available with corrective lenses

Prescription Lenses for OTS & Oceanreef Full Face Diving Masks

Why full face diving masks If you need to use communication systems, dive in possibly contaminated water, or just want the ability to breathe through your nose, full face diving masks (or as Oceanreef calls them – IDMs or integrated diving masks) offer several unique features over traditional dive masks.

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A diver under blue water in Cozumel, Mexico is wearing a scuba pro d mask as well as a Hollis Rebreather.

What’s new (with prescription dive masks) in 2021?

Whats new at See the Sea? 2020 was supposed to be the year (at least of puns) for vision correction. Like a lot of folks, 2020 was full of challenges for me as well as the diving community at large. I was super excited to receive my new Ikelite housing

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Scuba Pro D-Mask with Prescription Lenses

Scuba Pro D-Mask Origins When I first starting teaching Scuba at Dive World Scuba while in College, the Scuba Pro D400 mask was still in production. The darth vader like contraption offered a different design than common second stages.  ScubaPro brought the D series regulators back recently, and with it a new

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Diving the Cenotes in December

See the sea rx, diving the cenotes One of the joys of being in the diving industry is diving! Unfortunately, we have to ensure our customers are taken care of, and as we grew tremendously in 2019, I was unable to dive as much as I would like. In December,

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Single Vision (Distance) Prescription Dive Mask Gallery

Single vision prescription dive mask examples Single vision lens dive masks are used to correct distance vision while scuba diving or snorkeling. If you have a relatively simple prescription with minimal astigmatism, the premade stock lens masks may work well for you. If you require astigmatism correction, prism correction, or

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Bifocal Scuba Dive Mask Gallery

Bifocal dive mask lens gallery Recently, I published a post on different bifocal scuba mask options, but I wanted to create a post with more images, so you can see examples of more options for bifocal lenses in your mask or when ordering a mask from us. Bifocal lenses correct

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Prescription Dive Mask with Color Correcting Lenses

Tinted lenses for color correction and Scuba diving Seeing unique colors and seascapes we don’t normally encounter is one of the joys of snorkeling and scuba diving. Water, however, can limit some of our perception of color as we descend. Water and light interact differently than how we experience light

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Bifocal Dive Mask Lens Options

Diving with bifocals You are down 60 feet on a tropical dive in Roatan, Honduras. You look down at your computer to check your bottom time, and the numbers are getting a bit fuzzier than you remember. As many of us scuba divers who wear glasses or contacts age, we

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High end diving light.

New Dive Light add ons for Prescription Dive Mask Orders

Dive light options for your dive mask purchase As you descend through the water column, divers see a loss of color in the order of the colors of the rainbow. Most noticeably, reds are lost very quickly. This occurs because water absorbs various wavelengths of the light spectrum more rapidly

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Prescription Dive Masks for Free Diving

Why do i need a prescription dive mask for freediving? Freediving, also known as breath-hold diving or skin diving, allows the diver to explore the the underwater world without the burden of scuba gear. Experienced free divers can hold their breath for more than 10 minutes. Herbert Nitsch holds the

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Reading lenses for Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

Reading lenses for atomic venom frameless dive masks Jim’s Atomic Venom Frameless Mask with +2.00 reading lenses As we age, many of us divers struggle to see our gauges or dive computer (or controls on our cameras for those that take our cameras underwater). One solution, for divers whose distance

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Prescription Atomic Subframe Mask

Prescription Lenses for Atomic Masks

Prescription Lenses for Atomic Masks Atomic Aquatics Masks Founded in 1995, Atomic Aquatics is a premier manufacturer of dive equipment based in California. We often receive requests from customers about purchasing prescription lenses for Atomic dive masks. Atomic prides itself on “Passion, Precision, and Performance”.  Atomic produces some of the

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Prescription Full Face Snorkeling Masks from See the Sea RX

11/22/19 Update- Online ordering is now live! Click here to order your quality prescription full face mask. × Dismiss alert Order a prescription full face snorkeling mask While our team at See the Sea RX has been shipping prescription dive masks across the globe, we often get requests from

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Prism Lens for Dive Mask

Prism Lenses for Dive Masks

Do you see double without your glasses? It is likely you wear lenses contain prism to help you see clearly. If you are considering scuba diving with prism, you might be wondering if dive masks for prism exist. The short answer is we do manufacture prescription dive masks for prism

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Scuba Pro Spectra Prescription Dive Mask Fast

Need a Prescription Dive Mask Fast?

Need a Prescription Dive Mask Fast? Heading on a last minute trip to Cozumel and can’t find your trusty dive mask with your prescription lenses, or had a change of prescription right before your bucket list trip to Guam? In this post, we will go over your options and costs for

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Scuba Diving with Astigmatism

Scuba Diving with Astigmatism If you wear glasses, you may wonder what options are available to you for scuba diving or snorkeling. Specifically, if you require cylinder correction for astigmatism, can scuba diving masks or goggles accommodate your visual needs while scuba diving with astigmatism? In our post, we will cover:

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Prescription Swim Goggles from See the Sea RX

Announcing Prescription Swim Goggles from See the Sea RX! We started See the Sea RX with the goal of giving our customers the clearest underwater vision possible through our partnership with Zeiss, the leaders in optical with over 150 years of optical experience. Zeiss provides most of our glass for

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Prescription Dive Mask Lenses

Choosing The Right Dive Mask

How to pick a dive mask for prescription lenses If you are reading this, you probably have an interest or need for a prescription dive mask while diving or snorkeling. At See the Sea RX, we can install any prescription including bifocals lenses and lenses which can correct for astigmatism

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What they dont tell you about drop in lenses

What they don’t tell you about drop in corrective lenses for scuba diving: When you are looking to enhance your scuba diving or snorkeling experience by using corrective lenses to see clear underwater, drop in lenses can appear to an affordable option; however, one of the most concerning aspect of

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Texas Diving Spots

Some of our customers are surprised to hear we are based in Houston, Texas. Texas boasts a large population of divers, and over the last several years, over 10,000 divers are certified a year in Texas! So where do all us crazy Texas divers go diving The top of my list

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Obtaining your Prescription for Dive Mask Lenses

We love our eyes and agree with the recommendations to get an annual comprehensive vision exam. Did you know the FTC requires your eye doctor to give you a copy of your prescription following your exam. If you don’t have a copy of your prescription handy or if you misplaced

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Why We Use Zeiss Glass Lenses

Ever since my mom showed me how she developed film negatives in the laundry room of our house, I have been interested in photography. From that moment, I have been passionate about taking pictures on land and underwater. About a year ago, I purchased one of my dream cameras –

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Free Shipping for Texas Customers

Texas Law requires we charge customers living in Texas sales tax. As compensation for this, all our customers living in Texas are offered free shipping. As we use UPS ground for all shipping, most shipments should be received by our labs within 2 days. Please note, this does NOT include

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Why Bonded Lenses?

When you receive your mask back from our lab, you will notice the front tempered glass of the mask has not been replaced. We bond high-quality Zeiss glass lenses into your mask with an optically clear chemical bonding agent. By bonding glass lenses into your mask (or one of our

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