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Prescription Lenses for OTS & Oceanreef Full Face Diving Masks

Oceanreef Predator, a full face diving mask from See the Sea RX available with corrective lenses

Why full face diving masks

If you need to use communication systems, dive in possibly contaminated water, or just want the ability to breathe through your nose, full face diving masks (or as Oceanreef calls them – IDMs or integrated diving masks) offer several unique features over traditional dive masks. While they may appear intimidating to use at first, full face dive masks are fairly simple to use, WITH the proper training (interesting aside, PADI now offers a full face mask specialty, but before they did, myself and other instructors who wanted to issue full face specialty certifications had to prepare our own course materials and receive a unique specialty instructor certification from PADI). 

If you want to dive with a full face face mask and need corrective lenses, See the Sea RX, the leader in prescription dive masks,  can help ensure you see clear. Full face dive masks should not be confused with full face snorkeling masks, which can only be used at the surface. 


Oceanreef Predator, a full face diving mask from See the Sea RX available with corrective lenses
Ocean Reef Predator Extender Dive Mask available with prescription lenses from See the Sea RX.

full face mask rx lenses

OTS Lens Retainer with Color Correcting Single VIsion lenses from See the Sea RX

If you need prescription lenses for any of the following masks, we have you covered:

Oceanreef GDivers
Oceanreef Iron
Oceanreef Space Extender
Oceanreef Preadator Extender
OTS Guardian FFM 
OTS Spectrum FFM*

Full Face Dive Masks can be made with all the lenses we make in traditional dive masks including bifocals, single vision, lenses, high index single vision, and readers (plus a few options specific to full face masks like progressive lenses and color correcting lenses).

more about the lenses

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask Optical Lens Support

Both OTS and Oceanreef use proprietary lens retainers that clip inside their masks. The lens retainers are not interchangeable between the two main manufacturers of full face diving masks, but the lens retainers are generally moveable between masks of the same manufacturer. The OTS lens retainer (optical lens kit) is $99 plus lenses while the Oceanreef Optical Lens Support 2 is $38 plus lenses. Unlike our traditional dive mask lenses which we produce in glass, (yes actual glass), full face mask lenses are generally produced in polycarbonate or other similar materials (which allows for cool options like the color correcting tint on the OTS lenses seen in the picture above).


OceanReef Lens Support 2.0 for Oceenreef IDM full face dive masks


While the lenses are composed of a different material than our traditional dive masks lenses, they are still available in the same corrective options such as:

-Bifocals. Bifocals are used for divers which need help seeing both near and far vision (seeing the dive site & need help seeing their gauges).
-Single Vision & High Index Single Vision. These lenses are generally produced for divers that need help with their farsight which includes correction for astigmatism (unlike stock lenses, our lenses are made custom and DO correct for astigmatism) and prism (for those that have strabismus or see double).

Prescription lenses for full face diving masks can also be updated if your prescription changes.

how to order full face diving mask prescription lenses

At this time, we do not have online ordering set up for full face diving mask lenses (we do have online ordering for full face prescription snorkel masks). To start the order process, give us a call at 1800-356-7190, or email us ( As an authorized Oceanreef dealer, we can also build you a lens and IDM mask package. 

Other considerations

While the OTS Spectrum* is a full face diving mask, it is built a little differently than the other FFMs from Oceanreef and OTS, it has a glass flat lens front. We can install lenses on this mask (and have done so such as the custom photographer reading lenses installed on the mask to the right), but the lenses are glass and do not use the lens retainers. The OTS Spectrum is more similar to a traditional dive mask in this regards than an FFM. 

Color correction can be added to all full face mask lenses (except the OTS Spectrum) but is not suggested for photography. For other divers the specially designed tint can help increase the color range at depth when most red light has been absorbed. 

Our lab produces full face masks lenses a bit faster than our traditional dive mask lenses as they do not have to be tempered like glass lenses. Our typical turn around is about a week, and rush options are available. 

OTS Spectrum full face diving mask with reading lenses installed
An OTS Spectrum Full Face Diving mask with custom oversize reading lenses installed by See the Sea RX.
Picture of Josh


Josh is an optical technician and owner of See the Sea RX. He is a PADI instructor and has been involved in diving for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a sergeant at the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Office, which included time as the instructor for the dive team. Josh also holds a masters degree in data analytics from Texas A&M.

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Reading lenses for Atomic Venom Frameless Mask

Reading lenses for atomic venom frameless dive masks

Dive Mask Reading Lenses
Jim's Atomic Venom Frameless Mask with +2.00 reading lenses

As we age, many of us divers struggle to see our gauges or dive computer (or controls on our cameras for those that take our cameras underwater). One solution, for divers whose distance correction is largely adequate, is installing reading lenses into your dive mask or purchasing a new dive mask with reading lenses. Unlike the stick on reading lenses available at many dive shops or oline, See the Sea installs permanent reading glass (yes real glass) which is guaranteed for the life of the mask.

We were recently asked by our good friend Jim to create reading lenses for his Atomic Venom Frameless Dive Mask, and he was stoked with how they turned out. Jim does a lot of macro work, so large reading lenses were a necessity. In this article, I am going to cover:

  • The Atomic Venom Frameless Mask
  • Reading lens options for dive masks
  • The final lens shape
  • How to order reading lenses for a dive mask 
  • Other considerations

The Atomic Venom Frameless Mask



The Atomic Venom Frameless mask is probably the flagship mask from Atomic. Based on years of frameless mask design, According to Atomic, “The VENOM Frameless is incredibly comfortable with
low-volume, hydrodynamic construction and exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling. Co-molded with two silicone materials in two levels of softness and features the exclusive Atomic UltraClear lens. It will change the way you think about dive masks”. 

Unlike their other frameless masks (check out my overview of the Atomic mask lineup), the Venom Frameless is only available in a black skirt, and only in the standard size (the non-venom frameless masks are available in clear and medium fits).

See the Sea RX can install prescription lenses into the Atomic Aquatics Venom Mask

Reading lens options for dive masks

Us scuba divers need clear near vision for several reasons:

  • Most importantly, we need to see our gauges and/or computer to be aware of our remaining bottom time and tank pressure.
  • Observe small animals or features up  close underwater.
  • See a camera screen or controls for an underwater camera

Types of reading glasses

At See the Sea, we permanently install reading glass into your dive mask (or you can purchase a dive mask from us including the Atomic Venom). Normally install what are called “Executive” style readers which extend all the way the lens left to right, but as everything we do is custom, we can create a custom shape fitting your needs. Often, professional underwater photographers and videographers require larger reading lenses as they spend more of their time viewing macro work.

lens shape used

In this case, we created a unique angle of the reading lenses which maximize reading glass on the periphery, while minimizing disturbance to the distance vision.

Our experience as divers, not just opticians, give us a unique insight on on giving divers the best vision. This is what makes us different. By angling the lenses on Jim’s mask, instead of leaving them level, we can lower the height of the reading glass when he is looking straight ahead, while giving him a taller lens where he may view his gauges.

This effect can be somewhat seen when looking at the second picture below on the right which is taken through the inside of the mask. The effect is more pronounced when actually viewing the lens while wearing the mask.

The lenses are also larger than we do standard reading lenses due to Jim’s needs. In general, if you provide us no instructions as to the size or shape of the lenses you want, we utilize about the bottom quarter of the mask for your near lenses. 

How to order reading lenses for a venom frameless mask.

If you want to order an Atomic Venom Frameless Mask with reading lenses, you can either buy one from us or send us your masks. Either way, the first step is to enter our order system here, and select either “I have a mask” or “I need a mask”. If you are purchasing a mask from us, you will find the Atomic Venom icon, and you can select your color. 

You will then need to select lens type- in this case it is “Reading Lens”.

You will then enter in your lens power. Reading lenses are available in powers from +0.5 through +4.00. 

If you are sending us your own Venom mask, be sure to mark on the lens with a sharpie showing how high up the mask you would like your lenses installed. 

Our standard processing time is about 2 weeks from when we receive your order (or your mask), but rush options are available in as little as three days. See the Sea RX- Home of Prescription Dive Masks. 

Diver wearing Venom mask with +2.00 reading lenses before final lens cleaning.
The view through an Atomic Venom Frame less mask with +2.00 reading lenses

Additional considerations

If you need correction for distance as well, reading lenses alone may not provide you a satisfactory diving experience. For the clearest vision you may want to consider bifocals (which we do more of than any other lens.

Additionally, if your vision has a high amount of astigmatism or any prism correction, please contact us to discuss options for you.

Picture of Josh


Josh has been diving for 20 years and started See the Sea RX when he was unhappy with the other prescription lens options on the market. He would rather be in or on the water than whatever he is doing right now.