29th July 2018

What they don’t tell you about drop in corrective lenses for scuba diving:

When you are looking to enhance your scuba diving or snorkeling experience by using corrective lenses
to see clear underwater, drop in lenses can appear to an affordable option; however, one of the most concerning
aspect of drop-in lenses is the lack of customization options to ensure your exact prescription is

Pictured below is a screenshot from a popular store where prescription drop inlenses can be purchased:

The store offers prefabricated lenses that can approximate your prescription. You should also notice the lack of cylinder correction options, meaning these drop-in lenses cannot correct for astigmatism. Could you imagine going to an eye doctor and paying for a pair of glasses that are maybe “sort of” similar to your prescription?

The site also lacks any user input for pupillary distance- without that measurement, the correct placement of the optical center for the lens cannot be accurately placed, but again only approximated.

At See the Sea RX, we custom manufacture each individual lens to match your exact prescription. We do not approximate your prescription but ensure that each lens matches your prescription and the optical center is placed in the correct location for your eyes. You don’t compromise with your vision, and we don’t either. We bond only the highest quality Zeiss glass lenses made to match your exact prescription and then we guarantee our work for life.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime via phone, email, or our contact form on our site.

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For more information about how our ordering works, watch our video below:

We want to help you see clear and make the most out of your diving or snorkeling experience,


See the Sea RX